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Posts published in February 2011

Secret Swedish Spy Law: US Connection Exposed by Wikileaks Cables

Julian Assange is the guardian of the great secrets, the new champion of combative journalism.

Thanks to him, today we know that there has been a triple collaboration between US security agencies, universities and companies.

Do you think that the accusations against you weigh in Sweden for sexual harassment are connected to all this?

And those who denounce these abuses tend to suffer the consequences in an excessive way. Undoubtedly, the State must modernize its devices for the prosecution of punishable acts, especially those of organized crime. On January 6, 2013, the world knew the face of what the international press called "the CIA mole".

Snowden is not the first worker to run away with sensitive documentation or filter it. The case of John Kiriakou, former agent of the CIA, is somewhat less known.  But that was the pretext to remove any enser he had.

Approaches to a new political communication discourse in cyberculture. We have come to the conclusion that this press conference was designed to prepare subsequent legal attacks. "

The Resolution also does not authorize the arming, training and directing of the rebels militarily. The espionage includes covert operations in social networks, intervention of military and security communications. A portrait of Nelson Mandela presides over this room with long rectangular work tables and walls in light green tones. That is, the control of the circulation of data, cables, fiber optics, tubes, data centers, routers is in a few companies.

He says that the organization has received a hundred "legal attacks". If you do not like this, do not do it with others. The different legal systems do not differ much from each other, when we compare those that regulate liberal democracies. This does not mean that these two organs have a private license and that there are spaces of impunity on the part of the public power. Or buy the "secrets" that are not so "secret"?  Similarly, John Coleman's position towards the Beatles is biased, paranoid and lacks serious foundations. The answer as it began to be glimpsed at the beginning of the introduction is yes.


In no case should it serve to protect the authorities or officials that may be personally related to a criminal case. The military thinks it is a firearm. Each State can improve, but many could benefit from imitating the positive experiences of other jurisdictions.

He speaks so low that he leads the interlocutor to an unavoidable listening commitment. The same with which we always ironic Yankees rights. The journalist and activist Julian Assange was categorical regarding what awaits him in the United States. If he ever does, and unless he has a job as a hit man or accomplice, his downfall comes. Most of the victims allegedly killed by these forces were women and children.