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Posts published in “Day: April 26, 2011”

The Al-jazeera Journalist Held at Gitmo for 6 Years

"Sometimes I wake up I think I'm still in Guantánamo," the journalist confessed in 2009, shortly after regaining his freedom.

An officer told me that they treated him very harshly; There is no doubt about it: they tortured him terribly.  He says and repeats that he will not be able to rest until all the prisoners in Guantánamo are freed. Silvia Cattori: At first she said she felt good. Which shows that Bush and the journalists who have supported his thesis have had to fabricate the "Islamist terrorists." They are facilities built "with the same criteria as the maximum security prisons in the United States."

"I met up with my family, my wife and my son. And they would use the same tube for multiple prisoners without cleaning it."

There was one who just stood in the same spot for days. During that time, I'd listen to the news on a small radio. No one goes to camp 7 other than lawyers in cars with tinted windows.

Your colleagues in other countries do not ask about that. "Then, finally, in 2008, my lawyer, Clive Stafford Smith, told me that I was being freed, along with eight others. I did not see him for six and a half years, he had to go to school if I did.

They prevented us from sleeping and when we fell asleep, they hit us in the head. There was no eating or going to the toilet. During my time at Guantanamo, I met around 90 percent of the inmates there. I even listened to the conversations between the soldiers, hoping to glean some kind of insight into their lives. Silvia Cattori: Was it, then, a very painful experience but in fact it comes out of it enriched with unsuspected potential? An average of 5 million dollars per detainee. Although the United States has kidnapped me for four years, this is not a lesson that Muslims should learn. "Did you have the impression when you were being tortured that you were being observed, that you were experimenting with you? We landed, our feet were numb from the cold, our bodies frozen stiff.

Actually, I have nothing against this country or its people. They had a paper, he said, directing them to arrest "Sami, the Al Jazeera cameraman". It is that, in counterpoint to the plot, there is a sense of challenge - of scrutiny. I have lost a very dear friend, a journalist from al-Jazeera: he died in Baghdad during the bombing of the hotel where he was staying.

Whatever happens, I have to keep carrying a message of peace. They are, after all, the conduits for informing others of their rights, and their protection is key to our protection. Since I left I have spoken with more than a hundred of them. Now, the vast majority of the men he has imprisoned are like me, innocent.