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Posts published in March 2011

Tsunami Hits Japan

The authorities lifted the tsunami warning only for the northeast coast, almost four hours after the powerful tsunami was recorded. A wave tsunami warning of up to one meter is still valid for much of its coastline in the Pacific.

The government opened a crisis cell to give information and slogans to emergency teams, municipalities and their inhabitants. In the description of the video we have a link so you can follow this event live. At the moment there have been no incidents in any of the other nuclear plants near where the earthquake has occurred.

According to the preliminary information, no damage was recorded and only minor injuries were reported, but the residents of the coast suffered the violent tremors. The government has issued a Tsunami warning for the Japan Coasts with waves up to 3 meters high. A tsunami warning is still valid for Fukushima and Miyagi, in northeastern Japan.

However, after the activation of the tsunami warning, plant workers have been ordered to evacuate the wharf.