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How Professionals Actually Clean Windows – Things You Haven’t Thought About

Achieving a sparkling clean window is not an easy task, especially if you insists on using paper towels and spray cleaners. Many people watch professional cleaners and just wish they could replicate the same results at home. It can be a bit shocking to realize that people who hire professionals to clean their windows only need their windows cleaned twice a year while some of us regular folks can’t seem to get a clean window despite making it a weekly routine. In case, you’re wondering how professionals clean windows so well, I have arranged their cleaning techniques into materials and equipment in order to give you a clear insight into how they achieve such wonderful results.


In case you do not already know, cleaning equipments play a major role in how well your window cleaning exercise turns out. As I earlier mentioned, paper towels and spray cleaners just don’t do the job perfectly. Professionals invest in a few solid cleaning equipments like:

  • squeegee ( 10 or 12inch)
  • Scrubber
  • Plastic Bucket( 5-gallon would do)
  • Cleaner
  • Small towels or lint-free rag.

The squeegee is normally fitted with a sharp rubber blade. A squeegee blade is only used once. This is because a squeegee blade can become sliced, rounded or nicked after a day’s job. If re-used, it can greatly affect a window cleaner’s chances of doing a good job.


Mix your cleaner in water inside your bucket and deep your scrubber inside and have the excess water squeezed off. Proceed to scrub the grass, every area. Apply mild pressure to your squeegee on the glass and pull from top to button on each sides or from one side to the other. When you’re done, wipe off your cleaner with a towel. Repeat and clean off for a better result.

As long as you can afford to get the right equipment, it shouldn’t be too hard to clean a window like a pro.

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