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How Professionals Actually Clean Windows – Things You Haven’t Thought About

Achieving a sparkling clean window is not an easy task, especially if you insists on using paper towels and spray cleaners. Many people watch professional cleaners and just wish they could replicate the same results at home. It can be a bit shocking to realize that people who hire professionals to clean their windows only need their windows cleaned twice a year while some of us regular folks can't seem to get a clean window despite making it a weekly routine. In case, you're wondering how professionals clean windows so well, I have arranged their cleaning techniques into materials and equipment in order to give you a clear insight into how they achieve such wonderful results.


In case you do not already know, cleaning
equipments play a major role in how well your window cleaning exercise turns
out. As I earlier mentioned, paper towels and spray cleaners just don't do the
job perfectly. Professionals invest in a few solid cleaning equipments like:

  • squeegee ( 10 or 12inch)
  • Scrubber
  • Plastic Bucket( 5-gallon would
  • Cleaner
  • Small towels or lint-free rag.

The squeegee is normally fitted with a
sharp rubber blade. A squeegee blade is only used once. This is because a
squeegee blade can become sliced, rounded or nicked after a day's job. If
re-used, it can greatly affect a window cleaner's chances of doing a good job.


Mix your cleaner in water inside your
bucket and deep your scrubber inside and have the excess water squeezed off.
Proceed to scrub the grass, every area. Apply mild pressure to your squeegee on
the glass and pull from top to button on each sides or from one side to the
other. When you're done, wipe off your cleaner with a towel. Repeat and clean
off for a better result.

As long as you can afford to get the right
equipment, it shouldn't be too hard to clean a window like a pro.

Thoughts on the Notre Dame Disaster

A few days ago, the
historical Notre Dame Cathedral was engulfed in flames, sending shock-waves
across the world. The crude shock was immediately followed by an outpour of
sympathy, varying opinions, conspiracy theories, talks a supposedly vindicated
16th-century French seer, and a few terrorism hoaxes.

The Notre Dame would take two decades to be rebuilt, but the good news is that there won't be a lack of money to rebuild it. In fact, there will be an abundance of it; an issue that has not gone down well with a lot of people. 24 hours after the fire was put out, about 800 million euro had already been raised from donations. However, reactions on social media suggests many people would rather that money go to starving kids in Africa or any other charitable cause across the world.

Donating to Rebuild A
Historical building or Charity?

I can understand why
anyone won't be too happy about the cathedral getting that kind of generosity.
Truthfully, there are a thousand and one charitable causes that would greatly
benefit from a donation of that capacity. But let's get real, do we really have
the right to tell people how to spend their money? Should we really be
criticizing wealthy people because they choose to donate to rebuild a historical
church that has served as a reminder of some of the great things we can achieve
as humans when we choose to build rather than destroy? If there is anything I
have learned growing up, it is that making money is hard. Making a lot of money
is even harder. So, when people have dedicated their time and resources into
creating wealth, the least they could enjoy is the right to spend it however
they seem fit.

Are Wealthy People Really
Ignoring the Poor?

Let's be honest, the world
is not short of kindness or generosity to the poor. It is true that it can get
a lot better, but it will be cruel to ignore the good that has already been
done. Many rich people have helped raise a lot of money for charity. Many
celebrities have their own foundations that have saved a lot of people and
improved their standard of living. Every year, billions of dollars are being
plunged into charities and that won't stop anytime soon.

Notre Dame is an important structure in history and it means a lot to the preservation of our heritage. Every year, many people from around the world make the trip to Paris to catch a glimpse of this incredible sight. Thanks to these generous donations, the world, and generations to come will always have the Notre Dame. Whether you choose to see it this way or not, this act of generosity is still an act of charity, this time, not just to a particular set of people, but to the entire world.

Syria: Kidnapped by Dictator Assad

The soldiers in Damascus told me that it is an order of the Army to make special efforts to capture any Syrian combatant alive.

The relevant question was, how did they evict armed groups from urban centers? "This is a good example of an acceptable 'conspiracy theory'," says Clark. The Houla false-flag massacre established the womb for a series of similar accusations of massacres.

The veteran American journalist Seymour Hersh wrote that the US intelligence tests had been fabricated and 'manipulated. However, even these enemies, in their best moments, recognized the popularity of man. So close; in fact no Western leader can claim a democratic mandate as strong as this 'dictator'. Ceremonies are regularly held for the families of the 'martyrs', with thousands of people proudly displaying photos of their loved ones.

There are regular ceremonies for the families of these martyrs, with thousands proudly displaying photos of their loved ones. devotees more than Islamists and not motivated by sectarianism. ' They ignored another dozen direct witnesses who contradicted "rebellious" history. to provide chemical weapons to a rebel group linked to al Qaeda. "The truth is that most of the urban struggle in Syria is carried out by troops on the ground, let's consider some of the key allegations against the Syrian Arab army.

This really can not be explained if the Army had actually participated in 'indiscriminate' attacks against the civilian population. They ignored a dozen direct witnesses who contradicted the history of the 'rebels'.  Asad resides in the Presidential Palace in Damascus, where his father also lived while he was president. The central problem with these representations is the great popularity of Bashar in Syria. Hafez al Assad crushed that revolt in a few weeks. Parallel to his military career, Bashar was in charge of public affairs. The key factor in the survival of Syria has been the cohesion, dedication and popular support of the Army. For centuries, "the imperial powers have used a strategy of division and domination and the American Empire is no different," recalls Clark. We thank all our readers in advance for their effort and contribution.

Journalist Radwan Mortada claims that most of Farouk's members were sectarian Salafists, armed and financed by Saudi Arabia. Very soon after, a journalist based in Jordan reported that residents of Ghoura blamed 'Prince Bandar. He carried out a campaign against corruption, which allowed him to eliminate potential rivals for the presidency. They tell me they want him to be as firm as his father.

The Wall Street Journal also called them "pious Sunnis" instead of Islamists. Al-Assad's allies claim to include the Nusra Front, "but we will only accept it if they put Hezbollah" .

The Al-jazeera Journalist Held at Gitmo for 6 Years

"Sometimes I wake up I think I'm still in Guantánamo," the journalist confessed in 2009, shortly after regaining his freedom.

An officer told me that they treated him very harshly; There is no doubt about it: they tortured him terribly.  He says and repeats that he will not be able to rest until all the prisoners in Guantánamo are freed. Silvia Cattori: At first she said she felt good. Which shows that Bush and the journalists who have supported his thesis have had to fabricate the "Islamist terrorists." They are facilities built "with the same criteria as the maximum security prisons in the United States."

"I met up with my family, my wife and my son. And they would use the same tube for multiple prisoners without cleaning it."

There was one who just stood in the same spot for days. During that time, I'd listen to the news on a small radio. No one goes to camp 7 other than lawyers in cars with tinted windows.

Your colleagues in other countries do not ask about that. "Then, finally, in 2008, my lawyer, Clive Stafford Smith, told me that I was being freed, along with eight others. I did not see him for six and a half years, he had to go to school if I did.

They prevented us from sleeping and when we fell asleep, they hit us in the head. There was no eating or going to the toilet. During my time at Guantanamo, I met around 90 percent of the inmates there. I even listened to the conversations between the soldiers, hoping to glean some kind of insight into their lives. Silvia Cattori: Was it, then, a very painful experience but in fact it comes out of it enriched with unsuspected potential? An average of 5 million dollars per detainee. Although the United States has kidnapped me for four years, this is not a lesson that Muslims should learn. "Did you have the impression when you were being tortured that you were being observed, that you were experimenting with you? We landed, our feet were numb from the cold, our bodies frozen stiff.

Actually, I have nothing against this country or its people. They had a paper, he said, directing them to arrest "Sami, the Al Jazeera cameraman". It is that, in counterpoint to the plot, there is a sense of challenge - of scrutiny. I have lost a very dear friend, a journalist from al-Jazeera: he died in Baghdad during the bombing of the hotel where he was staying.

Whatever happens, I have to keep carrying a message of peace. They are, after all, the conduits for informing others of their rights, and their protection is key to our protection. Since I left I have spoken with more than a hundred of them. Now, the vast majority of the men he has imprisoned are like me, innocent.

Tsunami Hits Japan

The authorities lifted the tsunami warning only for the northeast coast, almost four hours after the powerful tsunami was recorded. A wave tsunami warning of up to one meter is still valid for much of its coastline in the Pacific.

The government opened a crisis cell to give information and slogans to emergency teams, municipalities and their inhabitants. In the description of the video we have a link so you can follow this event live. At the moment there have been no incidents in any of the other nuclear plants near where the earthquake has occurred.

According to the preliminary information, no damage was recorded and only minor injuries were reported, but the residents of the coast suffered the violent tremors. The government has issued a Tsunami warning for the Japan Coasts with waves up to 3 meters high. A tsunami warning is still valid for Fukushima and Miyagi, in northeastern Japan.

However, after the activation of the tsunami warning, plant workers have been ordered to evacuate the wharf.


Secret Swedish Spy Law: US Connection Exposed by Wikileaks Cables

Julian Assange is the guardian of the great secrets, the new champion of combative journalism.

Thanks to him, today we know that there has been a triple collaboration between US security agencies, universities and companies.

Do you think that the accusations against you weigh in Sweden for sexual harassment are connected to all this?

And those who denounce these abuses tend to suffer the consequences in an excessive way. Undoubtedly, the State must modernize its devices for the prosecution of punishable acts, especially those of organized crime. On January 6, 2013, the world knew the face of what the international press called "the CIA mole".

Snowden is not the first worker to run away with sensitive documentation or filter it. The case of John Kiriakou, former agent of the CIA, is somewhat less known.  But that was the pretext to remove any enser he had.

Approaches to a new political communication discourse in cyberculture. We have come to the conclusion that this press conference was designed to prepare subsequent legal attacks. "

The Resolution also does not authorize the arming, training and directing of the rebels militarily. The espionage includes covert operations in social networks, intervention of military and security communications. A portrait of Nelson Mandela presides over this room with long rectangular work tables and walls in light green tones. That is, the control of the circulation of data, cables, fiber optics, tubes, data centers, routers is in a few companies.

He says that the organization has received a hundred "legal attacks". If you do not like this, do not do it with others. The different legal systems do not differ much from each other, when we compare those that regulate liberal democracies. This does not mean that these two organs have a private license and that there are spaces of impunity on the part of the public power. Or buy the "secrets" that are not so "secret"?  Similarly, John Coleman's position towards the Beatles is biased, paranoid and lacks serious foundations. The answer as it began to be glimpsed at the beginning of the introduction is yes.


In no case should it serve to protect the authorities or officials that may be personally related to a criminal case. The military thinks it is a firearm. Each State can improve, but many could benefit from imitating the positive experiences of other jurisdictions.

He speaks so low that he leads the interlocutor to an unavoidable listening commitment. The same with which we always ironic Yankees rights. The journalist and activist Julian Assange was categorical regarding what awaits him in the United States. If he ever does, and unless he has a job as a hit man or accomplice, his downfall comes. Most of the victims allegedly killed by these forces were women and children.


Wikileaks attacked by Judy Miller

To make rational political decisions, we must have real-world information.

In New York Times, Miller wrote on security issues, particularly about Iraq and weapons of mass destruction.

She cited "difficulty" in performing her job effectively after having become "an integral part of the stories [she] was sent to cover". The protest for a freedom without control or self-control is not a legitimate excuse. A play on words in English with the phrase "I never reveal my sources" (sources).

A thousand people died today, and it was not reported at all. For eight months he was held in Quantico under extremely adverse conditions, but no one spent more than three months in Quantico, Virginia. Many years ago we all lived very well and suddenly in a summer the peseta lost a lot of value. "In reality, there are many coincidences, so many that even the Cuban opponents who worked with her harbor many doubts. "The first news about this strange relationship was confusing, because they appear in articles full of errors. Unfortunately, they do not think about their country but about their pockets. In that context, we now have serious concerns for Mr Assange's wellbeing.

Assange: The European Union introduced an Arrest Warrant system in response to 9/11 to extradite terrorists quickly. "Those people only say nonsense," commented the driver, shaking his head sadly. Eventually, through some creative legal methods, it was returned to the US.

Zizek: I think it has to do with the way in which those in power manipulate ideology. Next week, on July 12, you will face your extradition case. Apparently everything went very well until he pretended to pass bill for his services. Apparently, the main course has not been served yet. It is good that they have to eat and support their bosses, but with their inefficiency they embolden the citizen in transit.

That area has the highest density of government employees in the country. In the short term, is to stop hurrying to return before 6 o'clock to the thing where I am detained. The Tunisians were able to read the ruthless evaluation of the kleptocratic regime that oppressed them courtesy of the cables of the US ambassador. It is strange, because there had been other attacks against Western journalists, such as the horrific Anderson Cooper in Tahrir Square. Just see the phenomenon of the media trying to get excited about "the cloud".

Her father, Bill Miller, was the owner of a nightclub in New Jersey and later in Las Vegas. Marge asks about a cooking recipe to Assange during a barbecue. «The activities of the Swedish in Cuba had little to do with those of a normal tourist. "Are we going to trust those who put us in this situation to get us out of it?" We are looking back to tie the knot because it is clear that there is something wrong with all this, Julian Assange may be a bad journalist, but he is a journalist " .