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Wikileaks attacked by Judy Miller

To make rational political decisions, we must have real-world information.

In New York Times, Miller wrote on security issues, particularly about Iraq and weapons of mass destruction.

She cited “difficulty” in performing her job effectively after having become “an integral part of the stories [she] was sent to cover”. The protest for a freedom without control or self-control is not a legitimate excuse. A play on words in English with the phrase “I never reveal my sources” (sources).

A thousand people died today, and it was not reported at all. For eight months he was held in Quantico under extremely adverse conditions, but no one spent more than three months in Quantico, Virginia. Many years ago we all lived very well and suddenly in a summer the peseta lost a lot of value. “In reality, there are many coincidences, so many that even the Cuban opponents who worked with her harbor many doubts. “The first news about this strange relationship was confusing, because they appear in articles full of errors. Unfortunately, they do not think about their country but about their pockets. In that context, we now have serious concerns for Mr Assange’s wellbeing.

Assange: The European Union introduced an Arrest Warrant system in response to 9/11 to extradite terrorists quickly. “Those people only say nonsense,” commented the driver, shaking his head sadly. Eventually, through some creative legal methods, it was returned to the US.

Zizek: I think it has to do with the way in which those in power manipulate ideology. Next week, on July 12, you will face your extradition case. Apparently everything went very well until he pretended to pass bill for his services. Apparently, the main course has not been served yet. It is good that they have to eat and support their bosses, but with their inefficiency they embolden the citizen in transit.

That area has the highest density of government employees in the country. In the short term, is to stop hurrying to return before 6 o’clock to the thing where I am detained. The Tunisians were able to read the ruthless evaluation of the kleptocratic regime that oppressed them courtesy of the cables of the US ambassador. It is strange, because there had been other attacks against Western journalists, such as the horrific Anderson Cooper in Tahrir Square. Just see the phenomenon of the media trying to get excited about “the cloud”.

Her father, Bill Miller, was the owner of a nightclub in New Jersey and later in Las Vegas. Marge asks about a cooking recipe to Assange during a barbecue. ¬ęThe activities of the Swedish in Cuba had little to do with those of a normal tourist. “Are we going to trust those who put us in this situation to get us out of it?” We are looking back to tie the knot because it is clear that there is something wrong with all this, Julian Assange may be a bad journalist, but he is a journalist ” .

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