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Posts published in “Day: December 11, 2010”

Marriage and Infidelity

Infidelity really does not have much to do with sex, but with desire. "An affair gives its protagonists a sense of intoxicating happiness, and it seems to be a quick remedy for problems," says Judie Seifert.

Wounded and humiliated, betrayed spouses feel that they have every right in the world to take immediate action.

During this painful stage, patience is decisive for the survival of marriage, as it helps to reestablish communication and trust. It is a stage where loss is a frequent experience: retirement, the death of significant figures.

Conjugal infidelity can never be the cure for the disease. Because that dissatisfaction is surely legitimate, but the response of infidelity is not. What I call the "hypervigilance syndrome" occurs, do not trust and try to check and control everything.

It is the first method to restore the annihilated trust.  For both of you it is very important to learn to tolerate frustrations.

Despite this, it is becoming one of the many plagues that plague the unsettled our culture. The facts about conjugal infidelity (sexual infidelity to a spouse) are impressive. Wisdom, which results from the years that you have lived in this world, and they are more years than what you have.

The read text says that even the body gets sick. God is not restricting his right to happiness.

During this phase, I recommend that the betrayed spouse calm down, not react excessively, " says Tanya Brown. Do you want to be dishonored, poor, dissatisfied, and a bad example for all? If you need 'someone' from outside to give fullness to your heart, what is failing is love. Accept the total repentance of the unfaithful spouse and its corresponding purpose of the amendment, supported by duly verifiable actions and controls.

Other betrayed spouses settle in a position of moral superiority. Frequently refers to infidelity as one of the main situations that conflict monogamous love relationships. We let them express themselves and explain the emotional whirlwind they have. The possible marital forgiveness must be supported by Peace, Piety and Justice. The benefit of his work is for others, not for him. It seems that all life begins to revolve around the infidelity situation that unfortunately already happened. The economic infidelity, by not voluntarily providing the necessary material goods, for the subsistence of the spouse and the family. we also have a ministry in the church and several couples depend on our testimony! Understanding the reasons helps the one who suffers infidelity to understand and not self-criticize.