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Posts published in “Day: January 3, 2011”

Israel is Preparing for Major War with Iran

"It is true that Israel's security is incompatible with an Iran with nuclear-headed missiles declaring that it wants to destroy Israel." The Iranian strategists know it perfectly, they know that they must develop a counterattack strategy to immobilize this armada, to maintain control of the gulf.

The only thing that would need to be consistent with my thoughts or intentions to argue. They do not want peace they only want the annihilation of the people of Israel.

I think that with these wicks one can understand what is happening in the democratic Jewish State of Israel. Why are citizens going to take a personal risk if their elected representatives escaped in that way? Netanyahu has appointed as Minister to deal with the preparation for the defense of the former director of the Israeli FBI, Avi Dichter.

They were bigger than they crossed the Channel for many years, "reported the newspaper based in London al-Quds al-Arabi, this Saturday.That is what you defend and I can think of two reasons or you are a Zionist or you are a servile goy. As if Rosa Díez had not regenerated us enough, MbS has destroyed all that power structure -difficult to maintain in a modern state- to gain absolute control.

As highlighted by some of the supporters on Twitter, do they declare independence and then leave for the weekend? However, the Syrian announcement was surprising for its moderation. The Government imposed its criterion that secrecy should be maintained for reasons of national security. A Jew is a sinner if he can murder non-Jews but he does not. I do not think anyone has ever said that they are not allowed to speak. for the possession of weapons, the problem of ETA terrorism would not exist? Supporting Israel does not mean supporting only what the more radical right of Israel defends.

The government of Rajoyibus Lecter "The Displicent" in his councils of ministers, have us accustomed to constant "parthenogenesis rameadas" (remember Verlitas.) That you mock so much of the death of the people, of the boys, is lamentable. they work in a hidden place somewhere in Zabadani, it is difficult to know if they do it with fear or contempt, or both, unlikely, and if they do, they will not reveal it in the campaign.

The data that is used to justify it is that he voted against the dismissal of the previous Crown Prince.  The visit of the Burmese general was not reported to the Israeli media.

Israeli officials also repeatedly claimed that it is the Syrians who reject peace. UU, they are definitely allies, but what do China and Russia win with this? And in this case, before the courts of Sweden and, as the case may be - what remains to be seen - from the United States.

The purge of this weekend can not be dissociated from the state of health of King Salmán.

About the bearded woman, my disagreement about the veracity of her "investigations" is total.