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Posts published in “Day: September 25, 2011”

Syria: Kidnapped by Dictator Assad

The soldiers in Damascus told me that it is an order of the Army to make special efforts to capture any Syrian combatant alive.

The relevant question was, how did they evict armed groups from urban centers? "This is a good example of an acceptable 'conspiracy theory'," says Clark. The Houla false-flag massacre established the womb for a series of similar accusations of massacres.

The veteran American journalist Seymour Hersh wrote that the US intelligence tests had been fabricated and 'manipulated. However, even these enemies, in their best moments, recognized the popularity of man. So close; in fact no Western leader can claim a democratic mandate as strong as this 'dictator'. Ceremonies are regularly held for the families of the 'martyrs', with thousands of people proudly displaying photos of their loved ones.

There are regular ceremonies for the families of these martyrs, with thousands proudly displaying photos of their loved ones. devotees more than Islamists and not motivated by sectarianism. ' They ignored another dozen direct witnesses who contradicted "rebellious" history. to provide chemical weapons to a rebel group linked to al Qaeda. "The truth is that most of the urban struggle in Syria is carried out by troops on the ground, let's consider some of the key allegations against the Syrian Arab army.

This really can not be explained if the Army had actually participated in 'indiscriminate' attacks against the civilian population. They ignored a dozen direct witnesses who contradicted the history of the 'rebels'.  Asad resides in the Presidential Palace in Damascus, where his father also lived while he was president. The central problem with these representations is the great popularity of Bashar in Syria. Hafez al Assad crushed that revolt in a few weeks. Parallel to his military career, Bashar was in charge of public affairs. The key factor in the survival of Syria has been the cohesion, dedication and popular support of the Army. For centuries, "the imperial powers have used a strategy of division and domination and the American Empire is no different," recalls Clark. We thank all our readers in advance for their effort and contribution.

Journalist Radwan Mortada claims that most of Farouk's members were sectarian Salafists, armed and financed by Saudi Arabia. Very soon after, a journalist based in Jordan reported that residents of Ghoura blamed 'Prince Bandar. He carried out a campaign against corruption, which allowed him to eliminate potential rivals for the presidency. They tell me they want him to be as firm as his father.

The Wall Street Journal also called them "pious Sunnis" instead of Islamists. Al-Assad's allies claim to include the Nusra Front, "but we will only accept it if they put Hezbollah" .